Have you been turned away from investing in private syndications because you are not a US citizen?

Believe it or not, you are not alone.  This happens quite a lot.  Most operators do not want to deal with international investors and do not understand their needs.

Secondly, if you are not a US entity or person, there is the trouble of withholding taxes and bank transfers. Frankly, it is a lot more trouble to work with international investors and most operators do not understand how to. 

White Fire Equity is different and I can help!

Having lived abroad for over 20 years, I fully appreciate the international banking systems, the tax and legal restrictions and the way of thinking.  At the same time, I come from the US and know the markets, people, the real estate business, the outsized and asymetric returns and the way it all works.


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International Investor Step-by-Step Guide
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“Real estate is the closest thing to the proverbial pot of gold.”

Ada Louise Huxtable

Pulitzer Prize winner, Architecture critic, Writer


If you want the outsized returns, the monthly cash flow, and the capital appreciation that can be realized with real estate syndications, there is a way and I can help you.

Given that passive income is the key to financial independence and time freedom, this is good for all the international investors.  We just need to become eligible.

Becoming eligible to invest in US private equity syndications is as easy as forming a company.


Becoming eligilbe and setting yourself up for investing in US private equity real estate syndications is a simple and painless process.  It is a One-Time effort and involves a minimal cost. In fact, many US citizens invest follow this same process and inves this way as it offers some key advantages.

It is a One-Time effort.  Meaning once you have the setup in place, you can invest in as many syndications as you wish.  

Simply put, you will establish a US limited liability company (LLC).  Through your foreign owned US LLC, you will be able to be able to invest.  Just like nearly everywhere else in the world, a company is a legal entity.  As such, the company is considered an eligible US based entitiy for investing purposes.

Step 1

Create LLC

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

US Bank

A LLC is a limited liability company (GmbH in German).  You will form a foreign US company which will be eligible for establishing a bank account and investing in US private equity syndications. You as the owner, have full control. Forming a LLC is something that my US lawyer will do for you and involves minimal costs.

EIN is an Employer Identification Number.  This is basically the Tax ID for the US LLC.  This makes the LLC a legal entity and allows it to be recognized and invest in the US.  The LLC will need to file 2 forms each year for tax puposes in the US.  Fear not, I have an accountant who will do this for you each year.

ITIN is an Individual Tax Identification Number. This is needed because the LLC will be setup as a pass-through entity.  This means, the earnings will not be taxes once at the company level and then again at the individual level (double taxation).  Rather, all earnings will flow directly to you as the owner.  

Once you  have a company, operating agreements and EIN, you can establish a US Bank account.  The US account is needed to receive the cashflow.  Traditionally, this was the hardest step and required travel to the US.  I have a bank that is FDIC insured and supports creating company bank accounts without showing up in person.


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This may sound complicated.  Does it sound like too much trouble?  Are you thinking it is not worth the effort?  STOP! 

It is a multi-step process and will require a couple weeks of waiting time.  However, your effort is absolutely minimal.  I have an experienced team (Lawyer, Accountant and US Bank) that are deeply experienced setting up foreign owned single-member LLCsand will do all the legal and registration processes for you at a minimal pre-negotiated fixed cost.  Additionally, they will consult with you, advise you and answer any questions you may have.

The US Lawyer will form the foreign owned single-member LLC, obtain your ITIN, obtain your EIN, provide you a registered agent, provide the LLC operating agreement and support you end-to-end for the first 3 steps of the process. The acountant will support you on an annual basis for the tax filings of your LLC and yourself.

The only thing you will need to do is create the US bank account for your LLC!  To do this, I will send you the link to my US bank and the contact to the relationship manager.  The process is 100% electronic.  There is no need, like in the old days, to go to the bank in person.

You will need a copy of your forgign passport, the LLC’s operating agreement and the LLC’s EIN – which the lawyer will provide to you.

It honestly is not that much work and is totally worth it if you want to access the investments outlined in the case studies and the blog articles.


Sign up and you will receive a short series of emails which will guide you step-by-step on the process for becoming eligible to invest in US syndications as an International Investor. This series of mails will provide contact names and people who I have partnered with to support you on this short setup process.
International Investor Step-by-Step Guide
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You can do all of this yourself.  I have only assembled the best team and spent countless hours reading and speaking to the right experts so you have a smooth path to follow.   My team members will support you with this and provide you with a turn-key white glove service at a minimal cost.  Sign up to the Whtie Fire Investor Club and I will send you a step by step guide and conact details for you to get setup and ready to invest in the same deals I do.

 I do not make any money or have any incentives for you to use my team members.  You can find your own and do it yourself.  The one advantage you may have working with my team is they know process and the industry as a large part of thier client base is real estate focused. 

Let me summarize Why Work with White Fire Equity for your real esate syndications:


I have a full team which can support you on your journey of creating generational wealth and achieving financial independence including strong real estate operators, lawyers, accountants, and a US bank.  You only need a local acountant in your own country (optional).


I have the knowledge needed to fully support international investors with accessing and understanding US real estate syndications.  I check the underwriting, conduct my own due diligence and invest in the same deals. My interests are aligned to my investors and I ensure the operator’s interests are aligned to ours.


I understand the US Multifamily real estate markets and also the way monthly cash flow from multiple streams of income can quickly snowball to financial independence.  Further, I understand that the world is larger than the US as I have lived aboard for the past 20 years.  I spend the time with you and write posts for you to help bridge the continents and create a basis for understanding.

Money Transfers 

Living abroad and having accounts in both Europe and the US, I have found the best, fasted and cheapest ways to internationally transfer money.

Always there to support

I take care of any investors who invest in the deals I invest in.  I will send out the investor communications, provide access to the official financial reports, rent rolls, and be here at just a phone call or email away for any questions you may have.