At White Fire Equity, we help busy professionals like you to invest in cash-flowing real estate syndication opportunities in growing markets throughout the US.

No matter where you are on your financial independence journey, we’d love to get to know you and your investing goals so we can help you achieve financial freedom and live a life by design.


Busy Professionals

Savvy Investors

Busy Professionals

Investors are successful professionals who have risen in their career fields and are busy as a result. Thus the passive and worry free side of the investment is appealing. They do not need to check stock prices, do not need to worry about repairs and vacancies, or worry about making insurance and mortgage payments. They sit back and reap the rewards of their success by investing passively.

Financial Independence

Successful professionals, are often seeking financial independence. Meaning, if they stopped working, they would want be able to maintain their lifestyle without the job. Some are successful, but trapped in their job because they need the income. Passive investing is the way of true financial and time independence.

Lasting Wealth

The wealth stored in pensions disappears when your children are grown and your and your spouse pass. It is not a vehicle for creating generations of wealth. Real Estate is as it pays monthly passive income without eroding the capital value. In fact, the capital value often increases. It allows for generations of family members and causes you care about to continue to benefit from our work and wealth.

Passive Income / Additional Income

Shifting more income to the passive income side will reduce taxes. Additional income will allow you to live the life you want (holidays, education expenses, new car) without impacting the monthly budgets. Many high income investors and high net worth investors invest passively to create alternative sources of income and reduce taxes at the same time.

Alternative To The Stock Market

Seeing your investments drop in value day over day for irrational reasons is frustrating and makes building long term wealth appreciation difficult. The value of your wealth is dependent on the auto trading computers and emotions of others. Our investors like to invest in real estate assets which are stable, time prove and provide housing which everyone needs. This insulates them from daily fluctuations in value and puts them in the drivers seat of value – See how we force appreciation in our investments.