A Behind the Scenes Look at White Fire Equity

Nov 12, 2020

Remember a time when you stepped into a store and you were instantly overcome with a wave of comfort. Certain retailers take great care in creating an atmosphere and an experience for their customers unavailable elsewhere, and that will keep those customers coming back time and time again.

In many ways, this is just like what we do at  White Fire Equity.

We find the best real estate syndication deals on your behalf, conduct an extensive vetting processes and provide only the best opportunities available to our investors. Come behind the scenes with me, for an exclusive look at how it all works and why you should consider working with us.

What We Do

We help people passively invest in group real estate investments. Our syndication business has two parts: Education and Investing.


The education piece of White Fire Equity includes the production of articles (like this one), videos, Webinars, online resources, and other offerings created to help you and your friends learn the value of real estate syndications and their benefits.  This is an important part of the journey to becoming a sophisticated investor and to building your comfort and understanding on real estate as a part of your investment portfolio.


Once people are informed on how syndications work and are interested in having real estate syndications as part of their portfolio, we help find that perfect deal. 

Every step of the way, from discovering the investment opportunity, through signing the legal documents, wring funds, and communication throughout the lifecycle of the project, White Fire Equity is here for you. 

We expect and are happy to answer your questions, share information with you, and become your ally throughout your syndication journey. After all, our money is invested in these deals as well. Our interests are aligned!

How It Works

We don’t create the investment opportunities or manage any assets. We find the operators, do the research, stay on top of trends, get the investors ready, review underwriting and uncover the best deals for our investors. We also only present deals to our investors that we would invest in ourselves.

So you’re probably wondering how we get paid, right? Well, there are a couple ways get paid. First, we invest in these deals and earn passive income just like you. Secondly, by brining together multiple investors and having a larger pool of money to invest with , we are able to negotiate more favorable terms with the operators and then can share that with our investors. In some cases, we earn income based on the percentage of the profit splits allocated to the general partnership. 

You see, we invest as general partners in the deals we present to our potential passive investors. Most deals result in a 70/30 split (70% to passive investors, and 30% to general partners, also called sponsors) of profit at the time the asset is sold.  In other situations we can negotiate a higher preferential return based on the size of the equity we bring to the deal.

For educating our investors, guiding them through the process, and managing investor relations, we share in the profit split.  This costs the investors nothing and makes sure our interests are aligned with the investors and the operators’ interests as well.

Investors never pay us direct fees and we never even touch your money. Once you sign the PPM (private placement memorandum), you wire funds directly to the account created and owned by the investing entity. You never pay money directly to White Fire Equity. 

Why Work With Us

The world of real estate syndication investing has many different sponsor / operator teams, and we aren’t the most experienced or the biggest. So why would you want to do business with us? 

Simple. Because we’re focused on YOU, the investor. We started in your shoes and in fact still invest passively – nothing beats multiple streams of passive income! I know and understand your situation. I lived in the US and have lived abroad for the past 20 years. I can help international investors find a way to partake.

There are teams in place acquiring, underwriting, and managing the assets to make the property perform. Their daily grind consists of renovations to the property, coordinating with contractors, and tenant retention. We work with them closely to ensure the investment business plan runs to schedule.

Our daily focus consists of serving YOU – ensuring that you have all the details so you can make an informed decision, so you can invest wisely, create passive income for your family, and reach your investment goals. 

We do the behind-the-scenes research, vetting, and due diligence so we don’t waste your time with risky or low-performing deals. Since our focus is on you, we can provide that full-service experience you’d dream of while continually bringing you more and better deals. 

Your Next Steps

I invite you to read my e-book and get to know me a bit deeper. Read the many blog articles I have written and take a look at the youtube videos, podcasts I have been on and the webinars I have hosted.

Once you are comfortable, reach out to me and let’s have a conversation. I am happy to spend time with you one on one and answer your questions or help you further explore the world of passive income.

When you decide you’re ready to invest with us, sign up for the White Fire Equity Investor Club and we will take it from here!